Why Obama Should Be Tried for Treason

By Richard Silvano, Sr.

Part 1

In the considerable amount of time I have spent on this earth, I have seen many presidents come and go and read about many more. Some have left on their own, others voted out, and still others taken from us before their time. Some were loved, some despised, and some accomplished so little they didn't generate much of an opinion of them one way or the other, but never has a president done so much to blatantly tear down and divide this country as has Barak Hussein Obama.

I guess my first observation is also a question; how does a person with no administrative experience, no military experience, no diplomatic experience, no business experience, an unverifiable educational record, a record as an Illinois state senator and US senator from Illinois that was at best mediocre and finally, an out and out liar, become president of the United States?

The answer: he doesn't without a vast network of very powerful and influential puppeteers setting the stage and pulling the strings. Today, there is functionally no difference between Democrats and Republicans. Why was Obama able to win the presidency? Some would argue that the stage was set in July of 2004 at the DNC convention in Boston where, as a little-known senator, he was given the opportunity to deliver the keynote address. If so, then the Republican's nomination of John McCain for president in 2008 was the first act. The power brokers, a group of wealthy, influential global figures, determined to create a “New World Order”, a global order if you will, ran McCain knowing he was a dud. McCain was/is a has-been. Personally, I never considered him a hero. He was either very unlucky or a lousy pilot, maybe both, but he did nothing in my opinion to place him in the hero category.

To add a little drama, McCain selected as his VP running mate an unknown woman, Sarah Palin. Ms Palin, former mayor of Wasilla, Alaska (population in 2008 < 7000) and Governor of Alaska, had great camera appeal but little else. While she brought energy and enthusiasm to the race, she was a novice at national politics. Anyone who paid attention to the interviews she gave very early on as the GOP's VP candidate would have noticed something quite strange. In just about every interview, John McCain was with her. That's not because anyone wanted to hear from John McCain but because McCain, Palin's handlers and the GOP didn't want her putting her foot in her mouth. She was, for all intents and purposes, the distraction that McCain needed. Palin would take the focus from McCain's inability to rally the troops and create excitement, and be the counterweight to his painfully dull personality. While this may have appeared to some to be a reasonable strategy, it had one main purpose: to lose.

The Obama camp on the other hand, was recruiting a sea of government leeches, 60's radicals and college students spoon fed from the liberal slop trough. The Democrats harnessed the power of the Internet, that Al Gore invention that has revolutionized how the world gets its information. They utilized every available social justice organization, every liberal media outlet and evey college campus to get their liberal/progressive message out to the masses. The old foggy bottom Republicans on the other hand, appeared to have no grasp of how to leverage this “new” technology. My opinion is that they were never supposed to. It was not part of the plan.

The rest is history. McCain/Palin got their butts handed to them and the Great Orator Barak Hussein Obama was coronated. As the first black president in US history, many felt that Obama would finally and forever end the racial divide that had diminished significantly since the 50's and 60's but had always simmered just under the surface of society. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize shortly after his inauguration for acts he had yet to carry out.

He began his first term by circumventing Congress and installing 32 “czars” to effectively run the country's executive-level agencies without Senate approval. These czars as it turned out, were given authority that in effect relegated cabinet heads to figurine status. The transformation of America had begun.

The appointed czars, along with many of Obama's advisers and staff, were hard-core leftists, socialists, communists, radicals and/or outright criminals. Virtually none had experience of any kind outside of academia. I prefer to call them bubble people, those having a limited, one-sided view of society with a strategic goal in mind but no vision. They cannot see past this goal to envision all possible outcomes. These are very dangerous people that have been placed in the highest levels of the Obama administration. It was not without purpose that these extremists had been chosen. Indeed, it was precisely because of their radical progressive ideology that Obama had sought their guidance. It was the means to the end.

Why Obama Should Be Tried for Treason

Part 2

The Constitution of these United States stands as a direct impediment to the implementation of the Progressive ideology. It limits, by design, the power of the federal government to grow itself, placing the vast majority of governing powers into the hands of the states. This flies in the face of the progressive's dream of an all-encompassing federal bureaucracy capable of providing for every imaginable need a person might require. Obama espouses this vision, a vision born of a childhood dominated by the far left leanings of his socialist mother. That story has been well documented. Also well documented was his Muslim upbringing, his distrust and disdain for white people in particular and Americans in general which flourished under the tutelage of communist Frank Marshall Davis, and the 20 plus years Obama spent listening to Jeremiah Wright spew hatred of white America in spades from the pulpit of a church Obama joined more for the connections it offered than for salvation. Taken in totality, these teachings, these experiences, these associations simply cannot be ignored. Together they paint a very disturbing picture, one of bitterness and hatred, of contempt and loathing, of revenge and destruction. This is the dark side of Barack Hussein Obama, a side which should come as no surprise to those familiar with his writings, for he has made his intentions quite clear.

Throughout his adult life, Obama has aligned himself, at the lowest level, with those that seek something for nothing, who feel no shame at being taken care of like pets by the government and who also feel their miserable lots in life are not of their own making. Not surprisingly, these "useful idiots" have been the driving force behind Obama's political rise. What I find quite interesting is the fact that Obama appears to be using a somewhat hybrid system to achieve his goals. He starts out by using "the people" to facilitate change, a tactic used in the Socialist model and then once in power, switches to the Communist model whereby all change is government driven. On a higher level, he has sought counsel from those whose political ideologies can best serve his purposes. Those surrounding him however would be well advised to understand that Obama is a sociopath, and that they are just "tools" to be discarded by Obama when they no longer prove useful.

Once in office, Obama began the systematic dismantlement of long-standing relationships with countries friendly to the United States. One of his very first acts upon taking office was the return to Great Britain of the bust of Winston Churchill that was on loan to the Bush White House by British Prime Minister Tony Blair. While a spokesperson for the Obama administration claimed that it was simply returning all lent items in the Oval Office as a matter of course, I am unaware of and have not been able to find information on any other item that was similarly returned. When former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher died, the Obama administration sent only diplomatic underlings as representatives to attend the service. If not attended by the president himself, these functions are normally handled by the vice president. In this case neither attended. Over the course of this presidency, there have been numerous snubs, insults and rejections directed at the British government and its people. Fortunately, the ties that bind our two peoples together are strong enough to survive this administration. Israel, another of the United States' strongest allies, has also seen our resolve to defend its interests hampered by the action of the Obama White House. Obama has consistently sided with the Palestinians in Gaza and with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt in actions that directly affect the security of Israel. By these actions the administration is jeopardizing the security of our country by marginalizing those countries that have traditionally shared a common defense with the United States. His immaturity and arrogance in allowing his personal views to cloud his responsibility to our allies, coupled with his total ignorance of all things diplomatic, make Obama unfit to serve as president.

Our military is also under attack by Barack Obama. Obama has decimated the ranks of the military's leadership and gutted their budget. He has fought to allow gays to openly serve in the military. During Leon Panetta's tenure as Secretary of Defense and continuing with Chuck Hagel, a war against Christianity is taking place. The Defense Department has ordered the removal of all Bibles from base housing and military Bibles from base exchanges. Christian persecution has gotten so bad in the military that the U.S. Senate felt it necessary to pass a bill defending the right of military men and women to practice their Christian faith. An article on ChristianExaminer.com (http://www.christianexaminer.com/Articles/Articles%20Jan14/Art_Jan14_16.html#.UtWjULTWO0I) describes the reasons for this legislation and gives examples of military personnel punished for practicing their religious beliefs. Never in the history of this great nation has such an overt attempt been made to silence those who provide the conscience and moral compass on which this country was founded. Finally, Obama continues to weaken America's position as keeper of world peace by reducing its ability to project force anywhere in the world.

To be continued...